INSIGHT 001: Alex Bilbao Jr.

The greatest way to get to know someone is to listen, or in this case to read. I hope you enjoy the first of what will be many INSIGHT profiles. 

Please introduce, age, where you’re from and how did you get into skateboarding?
My name is Alex Bilbao Jr. but every one calls me Fro(I can grow a mean afro), I'm 34 and grew up mostly in Anaheim. Thrashin' & Gleamin' the Cube got me stoked on skateboarding when I was 9, and I would knee board on my 80s shaped Bart Simpson board. One of my good friends gave me an old set up a couple years later that basically got me hooked and learning tricks.
What did skateboarding do for you as a kid?
Being a bit of a shy quiet loner, it definitely got me out of my element and shell to connect with other kids that became lifelong friends. At that young age having each other and our boards meant the world.
Think it helped prepare you for adult life?
100%! I've survived cancer, and most recently a car accident. Skateboarding can make a person tough inside and out. Falling down and getting back up. Trying tricks for hours on end until you land them prepares you so much mentally. Let alone the diversity of ethnic backgrounds and social classes can give anyone insight/understanding into other ways of life outside their own. 
What does getting this park funded mean to you?
Skateparks cost money, and it's great that the local skate community can get together with Contenders as the back bone to raise funds the best we can; getting funded would push everything forward in a huge way. The fact that there'd be a brand new local park right down the street from where I live would be a great accomplishment for me and anyone involved who is making it happen. Having a park would give younger generations (and future ones) a place to learn the ins and outs of skateboarding. The sense of pride would be humbling.   
Any parting words or shoutouts?
Thank you Marc for this opportunity, I'm more than happy to be a part of this skatepark getting funded! Big shoutout to my wife for always supporting me, the OG Chap Rats that showed me the way, Alvaro and the Fiesta crew and of course all you locals....I'll see you at the park!

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