Persistence: A Grijalva Skatepark Update

Posted by Marc Conner on

Before we jump into this update on the Skatepark at Grijalva, all of us at CONTENDERS want to thank every single person who has purchased a pair of shoes, a deck, shown up to City Council Meetings, and/or taken time to do their part in pushing this GIANT initiative forward. Thanks to your support, the shop has raised $20K ($5 from every shoe sold in-store & online), and received $5K in personal & a corporate donation from a brand that would like to remain anonymous for a total of $25K.

We know the fundraising is moving at a Turtle's pace, which is what we hope to fix with the help of you. Pickleball just got $2million dollars to build pickle ball courts at Hart Park, so we need every skateboarder and parent to help out.

"What can I do?" Great question, and a simple answer...

Please copy and paste this copy below and email the City of Orange to let them know you would like them to allocate funds to the skatepark. 

Email Address to send the below text is:


Subject Line: ATTN: City Council & City Manager. Regarding Grijalva Skatepark

Hi my name is (Insert Name), and I am a (Skateboarder or Parent of...) and I would like to voice my support for the Grijalva Skatepark.

I'm writing today to ask that you reallocate funds, and put dollars towards the Grijalva Skatepark that has sat dormant since it's approval in 2005. With a city population over 120,000 residents, we should have Four (4) skateparks to satisfy the demand of a popular activity, which is also now an Olympic Sport.

Please help the youth and the skateboard community in Orange by funding and building this Skatepark. This is a great investment that will provide an outlet for all who choose to roll.

Thank you for your time. I hope to see the skatepark get the funding it deserves this year.


(Enter name)